Health and Safety


Dynamix Recruitment is committed to a ‘Zero Harm’ policy and we actively partner with our clients and employees to contribute to a safe work environment.

Dynamix Recruitment comprehensive Health and Safety Policy and proven and effective Health and Safety Management system includes;

  • A dedicated Health and Safety Manager responsible for facilitating the Health and Safety of all Dynamix Recruitment employees across all client sites. Contactable 24/7 to support Hiring Managers and employees
  • Health and Safety Site Audits are conducted to ensure that Dynamix Recruitment place employees in safe and compliant work places
  • A Dynamix Recruitment Health and Safety Committee that meets monthly and is comprised of Dynamix Recruitment Management, Consultants and Temporary Employee Representatives of each client site
  • All Dynamix Recruitment employees are Health and Safety Inducted. The induction introduces safety rules, hazard identification, incident and accident reporting, PPE compliance, emergency procedures and personal wellbeing.
  • Dynamix Recruitment are responsible for PPE Compliance Management. Dynamix Recruitment will commit to partnering with hiring managers to understand department PPE requirements and ensure that Dynamix Recruitment employees have or are provided with the correct PPE prior to their first shift on site.
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing: Dynamix Recruitment are committed to a drug and alcohol-free workforce and have a comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Dynamix Recruitment can provide urine-based drug screenings.  Drug screenings are conducted by a trained and NZQA qualified Dynamix Recruitment consultant to the ANZS4308:2008 standard.
  • Dynamix Recruitment facilitate relevant Tool Box meetings, both on and off site, to reinforce and upskill Dynamix Recruitment employees on site specific health and safety issues, personal safety and wellbeing.
  • Health and Safety Management; Dynamix Recruitment actively participate in managing and investigating accidents, injuries and incidents.
    • Provide onsite support to the hiring manager and employee
    • Arrange medical and family support for the employee
    • Complete a full accident investigation with employee, independently and assisting the client
    • Monitor the employee’s rehabilitation and ensure a medical clearance prior to a return to work
  • Wellness Management; Dynamix Recruitment facilitate a wellness programme to assess and monitor employees wellbeing and to provide tools to improve personal physical and mental health.


Employee Health and Safety Responsibilities

Your safety is important to us! Help us, help you stay safe on the job. At the end of the day, we want everyone returned home to their families in one piece; safe and unharmed.

While working on a customer’s site, are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others working with you

  • Follow the health and safety rules as directed to you by Dynamix Recruitment and your onsite supervisor
  • Wear the correct and required PPE at all times when on site
  • Report all hazards or dangerous activity to your onsite supervisor immediately
  • Do not to operate machinery that you have not been trained on.
  • Do not to carry out tasks that you feel are unsafe and you must advise supervisor immediately.
  • Report to Dynamix Recruitment any Health and Safety problems or unsafe situations.

Accident and incident reporting

  • Report all accidents, injuries, incidents and discomfort to your supervisor immediately
  • Report all accidents, injuries, incidents and discomfort to Dynamix Recruitment as soon as possible and within 12 hours of occurrence.
  • All accidents, injuries, incidents and discomfort will be recorded in an Accident Register. You will be required to complete an Accident Investigation Form with your onsite supervisor prior to leaving site. You will undergo an accident investigation with Dynamix Recruitment

Injury Management

  • Report any injury to your onsite supervisor and Dynamix Recruitment immediately.
  • Medical treatment will be provided by a first aider or by an external medical centre
  • When asked at the medical centre where you work, tell them you work for Dynamix Recruitment, not the name of the company you are working at
  • If your medical provider certifies that you require time off work due to your injury, please provide Dynamix Recruitment with a copy of your Doctor’s Certificate


Incident Form Health and Safety Policy