Dynamix Recruitment was the first to get back to me after applying for many jobs online. I was happy to hear from them real quick as I was in desperate need of a job to help my family of 12.  The process of going through Dynamix Recruitment was fast and easy. I signed up with them and I started that same night.

Thank you Dynamix Recruitment I wouldn’t have found a job as quick as I did if it wasn’t for your help.

Ana Loa

I have been working for Dynamix Recruitment for about 9 months now, and I am blessed to be with them because they have put me onto an ongoing job.

Ana Lolohea

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a pleasure it is to work for Dynamix. I have been working for Dynamix Recruitment since Nov 2016 and I have loved becoming a part of the Dynamix Recruitment team. When it comes to the employee's needs, Dynamix Recruitment is very understanding and they make sure that their employees are well cared for - not only our personal needs, but the needs of our families. They contact us weekly with a work roster and we are able to plan our week.

Dynamix Recruitment is a recruitment company which provides many employees, like myself, the opportunity to find or have jobs that fit perfectly with our skills and that is good for our wellbeing. They provide us with jobs that we love and companies that are a pleasure to work with.

I am thankful for the work ethic, the love and respect that the staff of Dynamix Recruitment have shown towards, not only myself, but others as well.

I would personally rate them 5/5 stars. They always make me feel welcomed and well looked after.

Thank you Dynamix Recruitment for a tremendous job. It is because of you, I love my job so much and will continue to work with you to the best of my ability..

I am very proud to be a part of an amazing company.

Martha Siolo

I have been with Dynamix Recruitment for 2 monthsI have enjoyed working for Dynamix Recruitment- they always have work available for me. In the past, I worked for many other temping agencies and to date Dynamix Recruitment has been the best! Every concern I have had, has been dealt with immediately.

Sapphire Marks

I have been with Dynamix Recruitment since July 2017. I was brought in by Travis, who placed me in my first job. I have been placed at various jobs and have enjoyed every one of them. I have really liked working alongside Cynthia. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be living in Auckland with the life I have. Cynthia always greets us with a smile and has a beautiful, bubbly personality. Cynthia has also helped my sister in-law get work and Dynamix Recruitment set my partner up with a fulltime job (permanent work). 

Jacquelyn Marks

Cat and her team at Dynamix Recruitment have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the manufacturing sector, but of more importance is  the manner in which they communicated and interacted with me. It was refreshing! 

They only approached me with positions that met my criteria and also matched my experience and particular skills. They provided an excellent briefing about the job responsibilities and company, which allowed me to turn up to the job interview well prepared. Seeking employment can be a stressful process but I felt at ease dealing with Dynamix Recruitment. I highly recommend Cat and the team at Dynamix Recruitment without hesitation.

Imo Iati

I would like to say thank you to Dynamix. Thank you for helping me find a full-time job. It means a lot to me and my family. Thank you also for your kindness. Your service is 100%.

Malia Fuimaono

I am so happy and proud to let you know about Dynamix. The lady at reception is very nice and helpful and the first time I spoke to Cat, I felt good. She was so polite, helpful and welcoming. I am with many agencies, but this is the one that always helps me. I have referred others to Dynamix Recruitment and they now have jobs too and are so happy that they can now support their family and kids.

Lemapu Tenari

Dynamix Recruitment found me a job that suited all my requirements. I experienced great communication with my consultant and when she was not available, other Dynamix Consultants were always able to help me.

Dynamix Recruitment lead me into work almost immediately and this opportunity lead me to a permanent position. Thanks heaps Dynamix. Highly recommended and greatly appreciated.

Carmen Terei

I've been working under Dynamix Recruitment for 3 years now and I am very impressed with the staff and the way they engage with those working under this company. I'm especially impressed with Cynthia - a consultant that looks after the temps at the company where I work. She is helpful and very attentive to the workers. All in all this is a great agency to work with and would recommend Dynamix to others.

Christine McFarlane